Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A full October

This past month has been a full and wonderful month. This was my (Lisa's) last month of coaching volleyball at Westminster, we hosted a Ugandan evening at Westminster to share with the families there, met with many other families in our church (Faith Pres) and still made time to play in leaves and carve pumpkins and enjoy fall in Georgia. It has been a wonderful month and we feel so blessed to share this season with many dear friends.

We also received our monthly financial update from Global Outreach last week. We now have 40% of our one-time need in our account and 34% of our monthly need either pledged or already coming in. We are so thankful and feel very blessed by all of our support team! Please pray with us, specifically for the remaining 66% of our monthly need. If you know an individual, family or church who might be interested in joining our support team, please let us know. We enjoy sharing with others about the work God is calling us to do. You can also watch our video for an overview of our ministry.