Sunday, March 19, 2017

Celebrating the Mathematical Nature of God

For math nerds like me, March 14 (3.14) was an exciting day! in our school we celebrated the number pi and had fun doing all kinds of activities related to circles.
My students got to measure the circumference and diameter of many circles using some standard and some non-standard units of measurement. 
And since the elementary students were studying Ancient Greece and the olympics in history, they used Pi Day to draw Olympic Rings.
Of course we had to end the school day eating the tasty pies our students made at 3:14pm. Esther made a delicious lemon meringue pie that reminded me of my Granny's key lime pie. She would have been proud! 

Later in the week, I had the privilege of discussing an essay on the history and philosophy of mathematics with some of our high school students. It was a joy to celebrate the order and beauty of God's creation as we learned more about his mathematical nature last week!