How Can I Help?

  1. Pray for the children at Good Shepherd's Fold. There are about 90 children who live here and another 300+ children who attend school there. Pray that these children would know the love of Jesus through the tangible expressions of that love at GSF. Pray also that they would have the resources for an education that would give them a future in which they can provide for themselves and their families. And pray that these children would grow in their love so that they then go and make disciples throughout Uganda.
  2. Pray for the missionary families currently serving at GSF, that God would strengthen us each day for the task. 
  3. Pray for our students to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and their love for God.
  4. Pray for the women of Buwundo Beads and Crafts to grow in their relationship with God.  


  1. You can support our ministry through Global Outreach.
  2. We are looking for partners to help with the distribution of Buwundo Beads and Crafts. Contact Lisa if you are interested in helping in this way. 


Our family loves to receive mail or care packages! As we opened a package several months ago, one of our children said, "They haven't forgotten about us and really love us!" Things we love to receive include:

  • Honey Nut cheerios
  • Pepperoni
  • Holiday candies (Cadbury eggs, candy corn, candy canes, etc.)
  • Chocolate chips
  • Books or DVDs
  • Any other small gifts you would like to send
  • Please do not send a package with electronics or a value listed over $50 because we will have to pay significant taxes on this side. 

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  1. Can we send you snail mail? What would the address be?
    Amanda Tingle