Wednesday, May 21, 2014


There have been many answers to prayers in recent days around here. Some are related to adoptions, babies of friends being born, a teammate recovering from Bells Palsy, children transitioning, work permits being granted after many months. Our family has had a prayer request for our family for several months that was answered yesterday. Our prayer request has been regarding a dispute over the land where we are planning to build our house. We had hoped to begin building early this year, but everything was put on hold while we looked into a claim that this plot of land that was sold to GSF a little over a year ago actually belonged to someone else. Recently we obtained a copy of the document on which the claim was based. A lawyer reviewed the documents and determined that we have the legal right to utilize the land. We can begin building! When I heard this news I did a happy dance. Our team leader will be meeting with the neighbor who has been making this claim later this week, so please pray for that meeting. A few days before this good news from the lawyer, we also received the building permit approval. As far as we know, everything is in place to begin building! 

Since we have been asking God to resolve this issue for months, we thought it would be good to go up to that land and pray as a family, thanking God for providing a beautiful place on which to build our home. A friend came by and took the photo above. We are standing where we hope the house will be located. We stood there talking for a while. As we looked west, the direction our front porch will face, we saw a beautiful sunset!

I have so much for which to be thankful! We have also been praying for over a year asking God to heal my tongue. He has not yet done that, but I do have some taste and sensation returning to part of the right side of my tongue. Please thank God with us for his answer regarding the land, and also continue to pray with us asking for complete healing for my tongue. Praise God! 

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  1. Praising the Lord with you.
    Ps. 34:3,
    John Howard Robertson