Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A birthday suprise!

This morning I woke to many voices outside way before 6am. At first I was just grumpy. The power has been out since last night. Why are all these kids making so much noise while it is still dark? I wanted to sleep in a bit today, maybe even until 7 o'clock. It's my birthday. All my children had been awoken and were also making quite a bit of noise, so at 5:45 I decided to just get up. I went to the bathroom and quickly realized that there was no water. That was why there had been so much commotion. The kids had been fetching water since as early as about 4:30am. That is when the kitchen workers arrive and begin making porridge for breakfast for all the 86 kids here, the 400 students who come to school on weekdays, and the almost 100 Ugandan employees. While I was selfishly wanting to stay in bed, these kids were out working to be helpful. I remembered this verse, "The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve and give his life as a ransom for many." Matthew 20:28

As I got up, I was thankful that we had some water in a jug at our house. Since electricity is expensive and inconsistent, we have a gas stove so I was still able to heat water and make my coffee. I use a filter in a little cup and pour in the boiling water.  

Once I made my coffee, I went outside to sit, drink my coffee and have my morning devotions. I found that my thoughtful neighbor had left me a birthday sign and a sweet note wishing me a happy birthday on the chair where I sit each morning.  

To be honest, every year on my birthday I struggle with selfishness. I think the day should be all about my happiness. As I awoke to a rainy day with no power or water, I realized that today was an opportunity to change my attitude. To think of serving rather than being served. Even though our family had enough water for the morning, I knew the toddlers probably did not. Elijah cheerfully went to ask if they needed any water. He spent much of this morning fetching water for the babies and toddlers. I am so thankful for his cheerful service!

While I am no longer grumpy about this morning right now, I can easily fall into a sense of entitlement on my birthday and any other day. Please pray that I would remember how Jesus has sacrificed for me and that truth would help me desire to serve those around me, both today and every day he gives me on this earth.

P.S. The generator is now running and the pumps for the water tanks have been turned on, so the circumstances are improving. :)  But I hope and pray that God will work in me a thankful heart of service even when the difficulties persist.