Sunday, July 6, 2014

Celebrating the 4th!

On Friday our missionary team had a great celebration for the Fourth of July! As we explained to our Ugandan friends about our holiday, many asked how long the USA has had independence. Uganda has only been an independent country for 51 years. They were amazed when I told them it was 238 years! 

As I was visiting with some of the toddlers, I found that this sweet little boy, Moses happened to be wearing an American flag shirt. I had to take my photo with him. I love this precious boy! 

In the late afternoon, all the American members of our team got together for a cookout. We had a fun time together playing American trivia, eating hamburgers and hot dogs, and lighting sparkling candles. Megan, one of our clever students, lit a cracker to make her own "firecracker."
We had a great time celebrating together with our team! We missed Claudia and her girls who were away and Nurse Kim who was in Jinja, but the rest of us enjoyed the party. I hope you also enjoyed celebrating with family and friends. 

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