Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Girls' morning out

On Tuesday mornings, the women from our missionary team meet for a time of what I call AGAPE (Accountability, Gospel Application, Prayer and Encouragement). We have been meeting on Tuesday mornings for several months now. We usually just talk and pray for one another, sometimes over a cup of tea or coffee. Since this week was the last week of our friend, Nurse Kim, being here with us, we decided to go out for breakfast together. 

The nearest restaurant to where we live is at a lodge in nearby Mabira Forrest. It is called Rainforest Lodge and it is a beautiful place! It is one of my favorite places here; it is peaceful and quiet and does not require driving through crazy traffic to get there. There are two ways to get there from GSF. One way is along the main road, but that way is longer and with more crazy drivers. The back way is a bit difficult to find on dirt roads mostly through sugarcane fields, so I made notes the last time I went, knowing that I would be driving the women out there soon. As Amy navigated for me and read the directions aloud we all had a good laugh. There aren't any street names or anything just some landmarks, sort of. I thought you might enjoy reading our directions. 

Directions to rainforest lodge:
Pass through Kikube and Bamungaya.
After Bamungaya school sign, turn right into sugar cane main intersection. 
Turn left at T in sugarcane. 
Stay between 2 sets of power lines, passing a brick making area on left. 
Turn left at another T where the land ahead is swampy and the sugarcane was recently burned. (March 2015)
Pass under a tree arching over the road, forest is in the distance on the right.
Take the second right after tree arch at the backward Y intersection. 
Turn right when road dead ends at the forest.
Turn left onto the dirt road heading into the forest. 
Turn right at the sign for Rainforest Lodge. The sign is facing the other direction, but you can see the stacked stones with the back of a sign. 

We did make it there and back without getting lost in the sugarcane fields. It was a great time eating a delicious breakfast, sitting and talking, and praying for one another. I am so thankful for these women (and the 2 others who couldn't make it this time.) I was a bit sad thinking of how many of us will be going in different directions in the near future with furloughs and a few moving away. But I am also very thankful that God has brought us together to grow in love and encourage one another as we do the work He has called us to do. 

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