Saturday, April 25, 2015


As many of you know, we needed to travel back to the US to go before the Global Outreach board in order to be officially approved as career missionaries.  Today we met with the board and we are officially approved! We are excited to be confirmed in this calling by our sending agency. 

The word "approval" carries so much weight for me. I struggle with wanting the approval of everyone. I have most of my life. Many years ago as I went through the Sonship discipleship program, I was introduced to the idea that this idol of approval is an area of sin in my life. It is so easy for me to get wrapped up in wanting the approval of other people that I forget that I have the approval of the most important person, the God of the Universe.

It seems a bit absurd that I can say I have the approval of the God of the Universe. I get impatient with my husband and kids. I am selfish and just want to not be bothered when my kids have conflict. And even worse I want people to see me and think I'm great. In other words, I want to steal God's glory. Yikes. I certainly don't deserve approval do I? 

But God, in his great mercy has poured out his compassion. He gave Jesus, his perfectly righteous Son, my sinful record, and he took the punishment for that sin upon himself. Jesus died for me. The Bible also says that God clothes me with the perfect record of Jesus. I am approved, not because I am good enough, but because Jesus is. This approval is what frees me to live for him rather than for the approval other people. 

I am so glad that we have been approved to continue serving as missionaries with Global Outreach, but I am even more thankful that God has graciously approved of us because of Jesus! I hope you know and can rest in His approval through Jesus today! 

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