Thursday, October 15, 2015

Celebrating Ugandan Independence

October 9th is Independence Day here in Uganda. Since our school for missionary kids uses mostly American curriculum, we always take a day around Ugandan Independence to study the history, geography, language and culture in Uganda. Of course we try to incorporate these things throughout the year, but this one day is specifically devoted to focus on these opportunities.

We began our morning by dividing into teams and putting the words of John 3:16 and John 14:6 in order in Luganda. We have been working on memorizing these verses in both English and Luganda. I love hearing my 4 year old recite Scripture in the local language! Here is a photo of one team working on these verses. 
After our Bible verse activities we took some fun school photos. Everyone wore Ugandan colors: black, yellow and red to add to the festivity! Our school feels small right now while the Gwartney family is away, but it still certainly keeps us busy. 
The next activity for the day was a photo scavenger hunt. Each team had a list of various cultural activities to do and take photos. There are so many photos from this portion of the day, but here are just a few highlights.
in a sugar cane field

photo with campaign posters
digging the cassava
When the time was up from our scavenger hunt, we went to the garden and worked together to dig cassava roots.
Then the two teams had a cooking competition.
washing and peeling
yes, that is a marker mustache
The students washed, peeled, sliced and fried the cassava, roasted g-nuts, and made passion fruit juice. Then we all enjoyed the food we cooked for our lunch! After lunch, we had a chapati eating contest. Chapati is a local flatbread that is thicker and greasier than tortillas. It is very tasty, but it can also be very filling. We gave the kids a time limit in order to prevent everyone making themselves sick.

In the afternoon we had some more academic activities including labeling maps of Africa, a quiz game with Ugandan history, drawing the national crest, labeling a map of Uganda, singing the national anthem, etc.
It was a great day! We are thankful to be teaching this great group of kids and learning more about the beautiful country of Uganda!

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