Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Fun with math!!!

I know that not everyone enjoys mathematics, but I love it! I love figuring out puzzles, solving problems and, above all, I love solving for X! Many people think I'm a bit crazy, which may or may not be true, but I really do enjoy math. 

Since the GSF kids have a LONG school break, not resuming classes until after elections in late-February, I thought the kids might benefit from a few extra days of math fun. It also seems to be an area where the GSF Ugandan school generally scores low. I didn't realize how excited these kids would be to be quizzed on addition facts, to learn some concepts and to have math worksheets. In school they have to copy everything from the board, so getting a printed paper of their own is seen as a privilege. I think they also enjoyed the attention as I worked with them individually. In the photo above, several of the girls came to our house to do math and kept asking, "Auntie Lisa, can I have another math paper?" 

On another day I worked with some kids on place-value and more addition and subtraction concepts down at the youth room. We invited the boys to join us this time. It was fun helping the kids visualize some number concepts. It is an interesting challenge to keep kids engaged who are in 1st-5th grade with one instructional activity, but I enjoyed the challenge. 

I love teaching the missionary kids math on a daily basis, but it has also been a blessing to be able to work with some of the GSF kids. I was thankful for another opportunity to strengthen these relationships and help show these kids a little bit of God's love for them. I was also excited to help them understand that math is just another way of seeing God's amazing order in creation and worship Him. Please pray for all of my students, to do exactly that, to worship God with all of their lives! 

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  1. This is so great, Lisa! Math is the tool that God used to create the universe, according to Galileo, and it surely can bring joy to us as we use it to bring glory to our creator as you are doing.