Saturday, February 20, 2016


As many of you know, our primary ministry here is teaching missionary kids. This year we are teaching 13 students from K through 11th grade. (See the photo above.) We have recently been approached by another organization asking if we could also teach their MKs. In addition, we know of other families who might be interested in sending their kids to our school if we were open for additional students. We have been praying about this possible expansion which could more than double our number of students. Currently the GSF leadership team is discussing the possibility. 

If we are going to expand our ministry in this way, there are two significant hurdles to overcome. The first hurdle is that we will need additional teachers. Please pray with us that if God wants us to expand our ministry to other missionary kids, that He would bring teachers to work with us. As it is, we are currently dividing our instruction by subject area and we are each teaching 7 grade levels. In math, it is actually 8 different levels since not all students in a grade are at the same place. We are ok to do that when we just have a couple students in each class, but if the numbers increase, it would not be reasonable to continue with this load. If you or anyone you know is interested in joining us, please contact me ASAP. It does take some time to work out the details of getting someone here. 

Our second obstacle is space. If we are going to double our number of students, we will also need more classroom space. We are in discussions about the best way to solve that problem. Please pray with us for God to lead and provide what we would need to expand if that is what he wants. We are grateful for your prayers as we seek to follow however God calls us to serve. 

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  1. Hey! Glad to hear from you.... I've been thinking about you and praying for you with the elections. Hope it is peaceful where you are and that things settle back down quickly. Love you all! -Michelle