Friday, May 13, 2016

Now I can see!

In our almost three years here in Uganda, we have been asking for visitors. Our parents have come, but other than that, the people who are here now are our first visitors. We have been so excited to have friends come experience life here with us. It is so nice to feel more understood by some of our close friends. While I knew that it would be a blessing to have them here, I had no idea what a huge blessing they would be to our community. Here is a photo of the adults on the team with us.
One of our goodriends is an optometrist who was able to take 2 weeks off of his work in the US, to do vision clinics here at GSF and in the village. He evaluated babies, children with special needs, students at the GSF primary school, the staff here, and many elderly people from the local villages. It was amazing to see what a blessing these clinics have been to our friends here. Many people immediately commented, "Now I can read the Bible!" Some had been coming to Bible studies, but could only listen and could not see the words for themselves. 

Others who never were able to see things in the distance can now see clearly. One of our GSF girls who has special needs now can see your face without having to put her face very close to yours. She is very proud of her new glasses! 

We also have several elderly people who have been referred for cataract surgery. We are working on plans to provide that for as many as possible. 

These clinics have reminded me that one of the miracles Jesus performed was giving sight to the blind. It was a physical picture of a spiritual reality. Without knowing Jesus, we are blind. We cannot see the way to eternal life. We cannot fully make sense of the world around us. But when the Spirit of God comes and opens our eyes, we can have faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. We can begin to see the people and things around us in a new light. God's Word, the Bible, helps us interpret these things, but sometimes I forget to put on my "glasses." I forget to read the Bible and interpret my life through the lens of God's Word. It is so beautiful that the first response of many of my brothers and sisters here to receiving glasses is that they can now read God's Word! They want their glasses to enable them to put in the lens of Scripture. I need to remember to put on my "glasses" every day to help me see clearly. 

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