Sunday, June 5, 2016

The gift of 40 years!

This past week I celebrated my 40th birthday. As I was approaching this milestone I often would joke that I was now counting years backwards and getting younger each year. As I shared my age with one of my Ugandan friends she responded by saying the Luganda word for "gift." She was saying that 40 years is a gift! 

As I reflected on this several things came to mind. Here is Uganda the life expectancy is in the 50s. It is also a culture that respects and values the elderly. Each year is a gift! 

My scare with the abnormal cells on my tongue was really a wake-up call. It made me realize that none of us are promised tomorrow. When the doctor said something to me about wanting to take care of the problem on my tongue so that I can see my children grow up, I was shocked to think about that. (Since then I have had the abnormal cells removed and have not had any indication of the problem recurring, worsening or spreading.) Having had that scare has helped me see that each day is a gift. I want to be thankful for each day and make sure I am using my days and years for things that will last. 

While one of my students thinks that I am so old that I may have gone to Kindergarten with Jesus, I am celebrating this milestone! God has blessed me with 40 years and I praise Him for that gift!
Here is a photo from celebrating with our missionary team. I love that we use a cross between fireworks and candles to celebrate here! 

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