Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lab sciences in rural Uganda

Teaching lab sciences to high school students has certain challenges when you live in rural Uganda. You cannot just order supplies from Carolina Biological Supply and have them delivered. Since David is teaching Anatomy & Physiology and Biology this year, he knew that he would need to do some dissections to provide the students with the full experience of these lab sciences. He also has a few students who are interested in pursuing a career in health care and wanted to equip them well for their future studies. One solution that came to David's mind was to use local animals for dissections. Our friend, neighbor and pastor raises pigs, so David bought a piglet and paid him to properly prepare it for dissection. 

David was able to help his Anatomy & Physiology students find and identify all the major organs and body systems. He then had his 4 A & P students teach the 4 Biology students what they had learned. They did a great job explaining! 

Since I am teaching Health to all of these students, I was thankful they they all were able to see the body systems that we are also currently learning about in Health class too. 

I'm so thankful for the learning opportunities we are able to provide these missionary kids. Math class doesn't usually provide as many interesting hands-on opportunities, but I am thoroughly enjoying the chance to help our students stretch their minds and develop their problem solving skills as they study mathematics. It is a blessing to see the ways our students are learning and growing! Please continue to pray for this group of missionary kids. They are amazing kids who will be equipped to serve in a variety of places and roles. We look forward to seeing the kingdom God that God will do through them in the years to come! 

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