Monday, January 23, 2017

Celebrating 100 Days of school!

While January in the United States is often a cold month, here in Uganda it is HOT and DRY! Since we have had hotter and drier weather than usual, we decided that we should celebrate our 100th day of school with an afternoon pool party!

In the morning the middle and high school students began the day thanking God for 100 things. The elementary students enjoyed counting to 100 in many ways, writing stories with 100 words, doing 100 piece puzzles, doing 100 jumping jacks and other fun things to do with the number 100. Some of the older students helped out too!  

After academic activities in the morning all the students came to our house to eat 100 hotdogs! David cooked them on  his new grill which he got for Christmas! 

The students also brought some snacks like 100 pieces of bruchetta, 100 cookies, and Esther made a special 100th day cake. 

It was fun celebrating learning together for 100 days this school year. We sang, "Happy 100th day to you,"  to the tune of "Happy Birthday." At the end when I added "and many more," the students corrected me and sang, "and 80 more."

We are blessed to work with this group of students and thank God for these 100 days to learn and grow together! 

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