Monday, November 13, 2017

First Quarter Progress Report

At the end of our first quarter of the school year, we met with the parents of our students for a parent-teacher conference. Since I haven't had the time to write as frequently in recent months, I thought I would also provide a brief overview of some of the highlights of our first quarter of the 2017-2018 school year here.

We began our school year with a field trip to raft a section of the Nile River! It was a great trip and a fun relationship building time. To add to the adventure, the buses got stuck in the mud taking us to the drop off point, and we walked in the mud down to the river. It was a fun adventure and a good way to begin our school year together! We are blessed to live in such an amazing part of the world!

This year we have enough students and teachers to be able to offer some electives! Our middle and high school students are now able to choose between Drama class and Physical Education and also between Art and Music classes. It has been fun to see some performances, and watch as our students develop their different areas of giftedness.

In October we celebrated 55 years of Ugandan independence. I always enjoy learning more about this fascinating country in which we live! We use the opportunity of Independence Day to focus on Ugandan history, culture, geography, cooking, etc. It was a fun and educationally enriching day! 

We are praying for an additional teacher. While we do have one more teacher than we had last school year, we are still praying that God would provide another person to serve with us. We have met with a young woman who might be assisting at our school part-time as a resource teacher/tutor as soon as January! In our eyes it looks like a great fit! Please pray for the Lord to direct all of us as she takes time to consider. If you or someone you know might be interested in joining us as we teach some amazing missionary kids in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, please contact us! 

We thank God for giving us a wonderful first quarter of our fifth school year teaching here in Uganda. Thank you all for your prayers and support for our work here! To God be the glory!

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