Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I wanted to write a brief post about one of my students, Caralina Gwartney. She has been living here in Uganda at Good Shepherd's Fold for 5 years with her family. She is still in high school, but she is as much a part of the missionary team as any of the rest of us. Whenever the toddlers here see her they start chanting, "Auntie Caralina" or "Teacher Caralina." (She often volunteers in the preschool classrooms.) 

In our missionary kid school she has been a teacher's aide for me, working with Ezra and Amelia on Kindergarten reading and writing. She is great with them, and they are both making good progress! It has been so helpful to me because during that one hour in the morning I am teaching language arts to K, 2nd and 4th grades together. Her assistance is invaluable! 

Over the next couple of weeks I will be juggling these classes on my own as Caralina travels to America. She will be goling back to the states for some medical care. Her dad is also in the US meeting with churches and individuals about the work God is doing at Good Shepherd's Fold. So he will meet up with her in Florida, but she will be traveling overseas on her own. Caralina is an amazing girl who loves and cares for children well and is comfortable navigating life in Uganda, but she is also just a teenage girl flying from Uganda to America and back on her own. So I want to ask you to please pray for her. Pray that she would remember that she is not alone, that her Good Shepherd is watching over her and is always with her. Pray that God would use this trip in her life as he continues to mature her into the godly woman he wants her to be. And pray for all of us here as we will miss her dearly! 

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