Monday, April 11, 2016

Visitors-coming soon!!!

In just over 2 weeks, we will be driving to the airport to pick up our first team from our home church in America! Since we moved to Uganda in 2013, we have had our parents come visit us, but this will be our first group of friends coming to visit. GSF often has visitors from America, people and churches connected with other missionaries here or connected with the ministry or adoptive families, but these are the first visitors coming specifically to see us! We are so excited!!!

Please pray for these friends as they prepare to come. They are currently collecting supplies to bring for the ministry of GSF and items for the missionaries. If you live near Watkinsville and want to help provide supplies, they have created a sign-up page.!/showSignUp/5080a4dabab2da13-wish

While they are here they will be working with the ministry of GSF in various capacities, helping us with some local outreach projects, offering a vision clinic, and learning more about our ministry here. I can't wait to introduce our friends to the beautiful country and people of Uganda! 

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