Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Let it Rain!

Yesterday I was reminded of some of the many things I love about rainy season. 

The first thing I love is that our friends can work in their gardens again. They don't usually plant until the rains have become regular again. Since there is no irrigation, it does not make sense to plant until you are sure it is going to rain regularly. It is amazing to see how quickly things grow here. And the rain brings the promise of food to eat! 

The rains also cause all the grass to green up and the flowers to bloom more! Everything is looking so beautiful and fresh right now. 

Yesterday we had an awesome thunderstorm in the late afternoon/evening. It was very nice on several fronts. I had gone down to another missionary's house to talk about a few things when the rain began. Because of the intensity of the storm, we first moved inside her house to get out of the rain on the veranda. Then because the rain on the iron sheeted roof was so loud, we moved into her bedroom and sat on her bed to talk. I love a cozy talk between friends! 

When I returned home my family was enjoying good books
. We had a comfort food "brinner" complete with egg casserole, homemade bagels, coffee cake, homemade passion fruit juice, and coffee. It was the perfect meal for a slightly chilly evening with the sound of rain by the light of kerosene lamps! Due to the rain we were all home and ready for dinner a bit sooner than usual, so we had plenty of time to sit and listen to David read several chapters more than usual to the kids in the book that he is currently reading to them. 
Elijah enjoyed a nice cup of tea on this cooler evening.
I enjoyed some extra cuddles while we listened to the story. 
It was really a perfect family evening! It is good for me to remember these blessed evenings. 

On afternoons when my younger children are home from school and the afternoon thunderstorms come, it is the perfect time for building forts inside. I generally love the creativity of my children. I'm still working on the follow-through of clean-up time.... 

I am trying to remember to see the blessings in each thing that God brings. It is easy for me to fall into complaining about the mud and all the inconveniences of rainy season. But today God has given me eyes to see and a heart that is thankful for the grace of rain! 

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