Friday, December 11, 2015

Working with GSF big brothers and sisters

On Thursday we took our MK students for a service learning opportunity to a babies' home which is run by a young woman who grew up at GSF. When we arrived, we found that there is also a children's home for older kids down the road and another ministry for street girls right across the road. All three of these ministries work together and are run by young adults who grew up at GSF. It is beautiful to see how God has multiplied the ministry! It reminds me of 2 Timothy 2:2 which says "the things that you have learned from me, teach to reliable men that they may teach others." These kids received the the compassionate love of God when they were orphans and now they are living out that love to other children in need. It is beautiful!

I knew that on Thursday we might have a large number of kids since schools are on holiday. I was thinking it might be as many as 40, but it was probably closer to 100 children! I had planned 9 different activities for 15-20 minutes each with the kids divided into 3 groups. Here are some photos of our activities.
Parachute games
Story times
Playing ball
We had some fun times of just holding the babies and helping bathe them. We also took photos of the children so that they could all have a photo of themselves. I had planned to make a craft with the photos, but sometimes things don't work out as planned. I didn't have enough supplies or time to do the craft with everyone. We had the opportunity to share the story of Jesus' birth with the kids. It was a bit of a busy, exhausting day, but we were thankful for the opportunity!  

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